Converge 45 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon, 2016. Photo credit: Mario Gallucci

Converge 45 at PNCA in Portland, Oregon, 2016. Photo credit: Mario Gallucci

Converge 45 is an annual multi-day event that showcases international, national, and regional contemporary art. Situated in and around Portland, Oregon, a dynamic and expanding center for art, design, and culture, Converge 45 is an opportunity for artists, collectors, curators, scholars, and the public to take part in the unprecedented collaboration of Portland’s leading arts institutions, galleries, and artist-run spaces.

In its inaugural year, Converge 45 offers a Visitors’ Weekend featuring dinners, exhibitions, conversations, performances, and other activities. Please see the schedule for detailed information.

Converge 45’s Inaugural Artistic Director and Guest Curator is Kristy Edmunds, currently Artistic and Executive Director for Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA. Edmunds’ curatorial vision of “You in Mind” will bring to the Northwest a unique mix of national and international artists, curators, collectors, and arts professionals.

Under Kristy Edmunds direction 2016 is a platform for manifesting large scale and public installations in 2017. The artists who are participating in the Artists’ Congress for the inaugural year of Converge 45 will be in conversation with the host institutions during their visit to review their projects for 2017.

Portland is a vibrant community in flux: at one point deeply rooted in unique values and at the other in the midst of a massive growth. Poised to create a value structure that transcends the already culturally rich diversity that has made Portland a destination spot for those seeking creative culture, Converge 45 is expanding the city’s reach to engage in new stories, expand relationships, and build progressive business partnerships.

Converge 45 is sponsored by Arlene Schnitzer and Jordan D. Schnitzer.

For more information on Converge45, please visit their website.