Contemporary Women Printmakers

  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at WSU Washington State University Pullman, WA United States of America

Contemporary Women Printmakers celebrates six internationally recognized women artists invested in the printmaking process. Printmaking was traditionally considered a man’s field, requiring technical mastery, physical strength, and stamina—characteristics all six of these women embrace with rich imagery. Featured artists include Hung Liu, Wangechi Mutu, Deborah Oropallo, Allison Saar, Lorna Simpson, and Wendy Red Star. Hailing from many places around the world—the United States, Africa, and Asia—these artists offer a diverse set of perspectives on a wide-range of themes pertaining to global culture. Each is critically engaged with content surrounding issues of identity—be it gender, sexuality, culture, race, or economic class.

Drawn from the vast collections of Jordan Schnitzer and his Family Foundation the featured works demonstrate a broad variety of traditional as well as contemporary printmaking techniques, from woodcut to etching to offset lithography and digital prints. The collection as a whole testifies to Mr. Schnitzer’s passion for art of broad perspective and stimulating thought.

Curated by Ryan Hardesty