Witness: Themes of Social Justice in Contemporary Printmaking and Photography

From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation

Foreword by John Olbrantz. Introduction by LeRonn Brooks. Text by Jordan D. Schnitzer, Elizabeth Bilyeu

When justice is at stake, artists historically have spearheaded challenging conversations. The work in this book bears witness to stories and identities that challenge dominant paradigms. Often using popular culture as a starting point, these prints and photographs tell important stories and uncover significant histories that impact understanding across cultures. Among the 50 artists represented here are Carlos Amorales, Loretta Bennett, Mark Bradford, Enrique Chagoya, Caitlin Cherry, Willie Cole, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Cameron Decker, Ellen Gallagher, Sabina Haque, Jacob Hashimoto, Dinh Q. Le, Glenn Ligon, Hung Liu, Julie Mehretu, Wangechi Mutu, Lillian Pitt, Martin Puryear, Wendy Red Star, Alison Saar, Shahzia Sikander, Lorna Simpson, Mickalene Thomas, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Kara Walker, Marie K. Watt and Fred Wilson.