About the Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Program

Jordan Schnitzer, in a partnership with the Jordan Schnitzer Museums of Art at the University of OregonWashington State University, and Portland State University, has established an $150,000 Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Program.

Each Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art awarded $2,500 grants to 20 artists who use their voices, experiences, and artistic expression to reflect on social justice efforts in response to systemic racism. Contemporary artists that work in the following mediums were encouraged to apply: Work that is primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, and film making. These works may also have incorporated aspects of performing arts, conceptual art, and textile arts and design.


Exhibition Dates: July 3 – October 31, 2021

UO Winners

  • Tumelo Moloi (Eugene)
  • Ana-Maurine Lara (Eugene)
  • Gabriel Barrera (Ashland)
  • Gabby Beauvais (Eugene)
  • Malik Lovett (Eugene)
  • Mya Lansing (Veneta)
  • Anthony Lewis Ashland)
  • Kathleen Caprario and Gregory S. Black (joint proposal) (Eugene)
  • John Adair (Eugene)
  • Josh Sands (Eugene)
  • Michael Perkins (Creswell)
  • Elliot Marco (Eugene)
  • Jasmine Jackson (Eugene/Beaverton)
  • Aaron Thompson (Eugene)
  • Marina Hajek (Eugene)
  • Artemas Ori (Eugene)
  • Naomi Meyer (Eugene)
  • MO WO (Bend)
  • Stormie Loury (Eugene)
  • Mika Aono (Eugene)

UO Judges

  • John Weber, Executive Director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at UO
  • Dr. Aris Hall, Coordinator, Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center
  • Sabrina Madison-Cannon, Phyllis and Andrew Berwick Dean, UO School of Music and Dance
  • Jamar Bean, Program Director, Multicultural Center
  • Jovencio de la Paz, Assistant Professor, Department of Art


Exhibition Dates: November 16, 2021 – February 13, 2022

WSU Winners

  • Aisha Harrison
  • Lisa Myers Bulmash
  • Hasaan Kirkland
  • Rene Westbrook
  • Troy Riley Miles
  • Jasmine Iona Brown
  • Robert J Lloyd
  • Grace June
  • Zinda K Foster
  • Whitney Evans
  • Jennifer Kuhns
  • Cynthia Camlin
  • Myron Curry
  • Jackie Schaubel
  • Derek E Johnson
  • Maya Milton
  • Bonnie Hopper
  • Tracy Poindexter-Canton
  • Damon Brown
  • Felicia Follum

WSU Judges

  • Ryan Hardesty, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
  • Io Palmer, Department of Fine Arts WSU
  • Lisa Guerrero, School of Languages, Cultures, and Race WSU
  • Trymaine Gaither, Honors College WSU
  • Mikayla Makle, Black Student Union WSU


Exhibition Dates: September 7 – December 18, 2021

PSU Winners

  • Edmund Holmes
  • Latoya Lovely
  • Sade DuBoise
  • Sharita Towne
  • Christine Miller
  • Baba Wague Diakite
  • Kyra Watkins
  • Aiyana McClinton
  • AnAkA Morris
  • Leila Haile
  • J’reyesha Brannon
  • Julia Bond
  • Austin Gardner
  • Elijah Hasan
  • Steven Christian
  • Amirah Chatman
  • Willie Little
  • Annie Schutz
  • Annabelle Araya
  • Jessica Mehta

PSU Judges

  • Lisa Jarrett, Assistant Professor, Art Practices
  • Arvie Smith, Portland-based artist
  • Michael Stephenson, candidate for the MFA in Art and Social Practice
  • Leroy Bynum, Dean, PSU College of the Arts

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