Desert Sun

Jordan Schnitzer Foundation to Promote 'The Power of Community' with Weekly Grant

Jordan Schnitzer and The Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, in partnership with the Desert Sun, has established a grant program called “The Power of Community” for local nonprofits in the Coachella Valley. Each week, a charitable organization will be awarded a grant for $1,000 and recognized for their exemplary commitment and dedication to volunteerism.

Schnitzer, a businessman and philanthropist, is a part-time desert resident with a lifelong commitment to helping others. “The heart and soul of every community are the nonprofits," Schnitzer says. "They have exciting programs that bring art, music, dance and culture into our lives as well as have programs that reach out to all those that need a helping hand to help make their lives better. Every community must support its nonprofits.”

Visit the link to read the full article and learn more about submitting a deserving nonprofit for "The Power of Community" grant.