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Chuck Close: Works on Paper  // Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 2013

Chuck Close: Works on Paper // Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 2013

Jordan D. Schnitzer purchased his first work of art when he was fourteen years old from the Fountain Gallery; the first contemporary art gallery in Portland, Oregon, owned and operated by his mother Arlene Schnitzer.  It was through her and her gallery that his initial acquisition turned into a lifelong pursuit to collect, share, and promote the visual arts.  While he furthers the family legacy of supporting local and regional artists in all mediums, Mr. Schnitzer began buying contemporary prints and multiples in earnest in 1988.  Prints and multiples seized his interest for their technical versatility and collaborative process. 

Work is available from two collections; the collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and the collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, whose combined holdings exceed 13,000 prints and multiples. The collections are both broad and deep in many seminal artists. 

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Selected Artist List:




Macdonell, Jay

Mahaffey, Rae

Mahardy, Karen

Mahony, Pat

Malanga, Gerard

Malaska, Elizabeth

Maldonado, Victor

Manca, Gabriel

Mangold, Julia

Mangold, Robert

Mangold, Sylvia Plimack

Mann, Sally

Manzu, Giacomo

Marano, Lizbeth

Marclay, Christian

Marden, Brice

Marden, Helen

Marini, Marino

Marioni, Dante

Marioni, Tom

Marisol (Marisol Escobar)

Markovitz, Sherry

Marquis, Richard

Marshall, Jennifer

Marshall, Kerry James

Martin, Agnes

Martin, Cameron

Martin, James

Martin, Jason

Martin, Knox

Martinez, Daniel Joseph

Martinez, Maria Montoya

Martisak, Ed


Mason, Alden

Mason Concetta

Masson, André

Matoush, Lyle

Matta-Clark, Gordon

Mattingly, James T. 

Maurer, Ingo

Maxon, John

McCarroll, Steve M. 

McCarthy Alicia

McCarthy, Paul

McClelland, Stephen

McClelland, Suzanne

McCollum, Allan

McDonnell, Joseph

McElheny, Josiah

McGarrell, James

McGinness, Ryan

McLarty, Jack

McMahon, Gene Gentry

McMakin, Roy

McNeil, Larry

Medina, Sofia

Meeker, Dave

Mehretu, Julie

Meiners, Dennis

Mekas, Jonas

Merken, Betty

Messager, Annette

Metzner, Sheila

Meyer, Claus

Middleton, Alain

Midgette, Willard

Mihich, Vasa Velizar

Mildrexler, Brad

Miller, Paul

Millett, Peter

Miro, Joan

Misrach, Richard

Mister, Andy

Mitchell, Jeffry

Mitchell, Joan

Moje, Klaus

Moore, Benjamin

Moore, Henry

Moore, William

Morandi, Tom

Mori, Mariko

Morinoue, Hiroki

Morinoue, Miho

Morley, Malcolm

Morris, Carl

Morris, David Curt

Morris, Hilda

Morris, Robert

Morris, Sarah

Morris, William

Moses, Andy

Moses, Ed

Motherwell, Robert

Moyer, Carrie

Mull, Martin

Muller, Richard

Mumford, David

Murakami, Takashi

Murillo, Ramon

Murray, Elizabeth

Musler, Jay

Mutu, Wangechi

Myers, Frances

Myers, Joel Philip



Yamano, Hiroshi

Yazzie, Tom

Yes, Phyllis

Yokoi, Tomoe

Yonehara, Shinji

Young, Andrew

Young, Brett Kee

Yuskavage, Lisa


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